Ways Senior Citizens Can Keep Young

No one wants to grow old before his or her time. There are some things senior citizens can do that will keep them looking and feeling younger. Consider these seven ways seniors can stay young.

Geriatric Massage is one of the best things senior citizens can do for themselves. The massage of the muscles improves blood circulation by moving blood cells that may have become trapped in the capillaries. The massage provides relief for stiff and sore muscles resulting in the person feeling better. As muscles are released, the individual has more freedom of movement resulting in an improved posture. Many seniors report fewer problems with insomnia or other sleep problems after a massage.

Senior citizens soon learn that eating healthy is in their best interest. A healthy diet provides the needed fiber to keep the individual regular and fight the discomfort of constipation. Eating healthy food provides the body with antioxidants to fight disease and can prevent health problems. The senior who selects healthy foods is more likely to maintain a healthy weight, one of the keys to living a more active life with fewer health problems.

There is a tendency of some seniors to withdraw into their own homes and avoid socializing with others. However, you need to socialize in order to stay young. If you have hobbies that you love, now is the best time in life to partake in them. Make an effort to remain in touch with friends and family. The banter of conversations with those outside your own home is necessary to keep your mental functions sharp.

Exercise has many positive benefits for the senior citizen. In addition to making the person look younger and fit, exercise can improve flexibility and increase mobility. A workout releases endorphins, chemicals that help to improve the overall mood. The person who is in shape is less likely to experience falls, which can lead to broken bones.

Retirement can be a joyous time; however, it is easy to begin to feel that your existence on earth is no longer making a difference. Seniors that get involved stay younger by knowing that their presence matters. Many volunteer organizations need help. Become a grandma or grandpa volunteer at local schools. Volunteer at a hospital. Use your time to benefit your church, synagogue or other house of worship.

Use your brain to keep young. Get a library card and read on a regular basis. Enroll in a community college course to learn something new. Keep your brain challenged using crosswords, puzzles and games.