Exercise At Any Age

August 14, 2017                           

Exercises for Seniors and Others

Many of us spend more time sitting than we did just a decade ago, a recent study reveals. Middle-aged men spend close to half an hour longer seated at a desk every weekday and sometimes even on a Saturday, than their older counterparts did, according to a recent study by the University of Edinburgh. Meanwhile, working women under 45 years of age, spend only six minutes short of elderly people, including those in nursing facilities. But fear not! These are the eight exercises that anyone can do, from Senior Citizens to Office Workers. These exercises can fit into any schedule including a work day, enabling you to stay healthy and have strength in your muscles.

The simple moves, including a chair twist and a buttock squeeze, have been recommended by a leading Physiotherapist, who warns that our ‘dangerously sedentary’ lifestyles are putting us at risk. Being inactive can be linked to type 2 diabetes, weight
gain and mobility problems. Furthermore, muscles can shorten and weaken if you don’t use them, which can lead to poor posture,
upper and lower back pain, plus muscle cramps.

There are topical pain relief options available, such as drug-free creams, glide on gels, patches and now even spray on relief. Most of which can be applied as often as required to provide fast-acting relief for sharp, shooting muscle and joint pain.

Most of us know the risks of being too sedentary and want to be healthier, however finding the time to do at least 30 minutes of moderate intensity physical activity, five times a week, can be a challenge. Doctors are now saying that just moving or walking for 10 minutes a day will help to improve health and strengthen muscles.

One of those important “MUSCLES” is our heart. Mobility is vital to strengthening our hearts and keeping them healthy.  There are many people who have heart conditions that limit their mobility. They need to check with their doctors before beginning any type of exercise, as should anyone else with a medical condition, however, the exercises that can be done while sitting should be less strenuous than other types of exercises.

By making a commitment to yourself, to do these simple exercises at least ten minutes each day, can bring great benefits to your overall health.

Equipment needed: You and a good sturdy Chair

Sit with you back upright.Head and neck straight.  Lift one arm at a time, stretching your arm straight up like you’re grabbing the sky. Wiggle your fingers, make a fist like you grabbed a bit of the sky and then lower your arm.  Do the same with your other arm. Start small try to do this five times with each arm.

Breathe in slowly through your nose, to the count of 5 and exhale slowly through your nose to the count of 5. Notice how calm you are feeling. Breathing though the nose helps to send more oxygen to our vital organs. This exercise can even be done to help calm you if you are feeling anxious.

Try to lift one leg at a time, bend at the knee if you are not able to raise it up and straight out in front of you. Raise it to either being straight out in front of you or with your knee bent as high as you can, but do not overdo it and not to the point
that you lose your balance. When your leg is lifted try to move your foot in a circular motion or wiggle it from left to right if you cannot move it in a circle. Lift each leg 5 times and move your foot.

With your foot on the floor, extend or  move one leg out in front of you and while keeping your heal on the floor, move your foot, bringing in towards you and then out like your pointing your toes, keeping your heal on the floor. Flex your foot five times and then do the other foot.  By stretching and flexing you are actually moving the muscles in your calves and thighs, without any strain.

Now place your arms on your hips, while sitting up straight. Move at your waist, bending to the side but not too far. We don’t want you to fall off your chair. Now move to your other side and bend sideways, but not too far.  Remember it is important
to keep your balance, safety is your priority.  It will become easier as you gain more flexibility. Try to repeat 5 times on each side.

Now sit up straight, try to move your shoulders back and then forward, slowly. Repeat 5 times if you are able to.

Now while still sitting up straight, turn your head to the right, back to center, then turn it to the left. Then move your head like you’re placing it on your shoulder, move to the right side shoulder then to the left. Now try to look straight ahead and raise your chin upwards, moving your head back.  Do all of these motions slowly, take your time in doing them. Try to repeat 5 times, but if not just work up to five.

Last, sit straight up,arms out to your side and move them in a circle forward and backward 5 times.Then bend your elbows and touch your fists together and pull them apart while keeping your elbows up. Stretch like your pushing your elbows backward, then bring them back together, repeat this 5 times if possible.  When you do this you are exercising your arm, chest and back muscles. By sitting up straight you are helping to strengthen your lower back.

For more information on how to Sit and Get Fit or easy exercises for Seniors, check out a variety of videos for sale on Amazon.com, or watch it on PBS TV.